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A museum shop with a wide range of fine gifts from worldwide museum collections.

Replicas, home and garden accessories, prints, books, games, stationery, jewellery, ornaments
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
The Bodleian Library
The British Library
The British Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Imperial War Museum, London
The Lowry
The Royal Horticultural Society

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
National Maritime Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Natural History Museum
Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
The Royal Collection
Science Museum, London
The Scottish National Museum



Mille Fleurs Silk Scarf

Exclusive to Museum Selection
This delicate design in silk georgette is based on the 'Mille Fleurs' backgrounds of medieval tapestries.



Butterfly Flowers Box File
Organise keepsakes or file up to A4 paperwork in this good-quality, hardback box file. The smart design is inspired by the recurrent Art Nouveau motifs of butterflies, ribbon tie closure.

Greeting Cards


Drawing from the collections of museums and galleries in Britain and around the world, a fine collection of images decorate our quality and great value greetings cards, ideal for every occasion.

20 Reading Women Cards

Cards reproducing beguiling depictions of women reading, a popular technical subject with artists, seeking to capture thought's expression.



Seed Organiser
Collect, organise and store seeds by planting month in this stylish powder-coated tin containing everything you need.



Tyndale Bible

Tyndale New Testament
The British Library
A beautiful facsimile of William Tyndale’s
translation of the New Testament from Greek into English

Games, Toys

A range of traditional games including board games, jigsaws, kits and collectors models provides a gift for all ages!

Set of 3 Model Cars
Wartime petrol rationing ended on 26th May 1950 and with it demand for economical,
Wartime petrol rationing ended on 26th May 1950 and with it demand for economical, British-made family cars grew. These 1:76 railway scale models capture the era with the Standard Vanguard Phase 1 (1947-53), Ford Popular 103E (1953-59) and Morris Minor Traveller (1948-71).


2000 years of jewellery design have influenced our collection of silver, semi-precious stone
and costume jewellery. From Celtic amber jewellery to ancient pearls, Victorian silver jewellery to Art Deco enamelling, our jewellery makes the perfect gift.

Scarab Necklace & Earrings
The scarab was important in Egyptian jewellery, a symbol of regeneration and believed to bring protection, luck and vitality to the wearer. Combined here with turquoise, red jasper and lapis lazuli, the stone of Egyptian royalty.

Romana del Casale Earrings

Exclusive to Museum Selection
Silver earrings hand-enamelled and set with pearls, based on a detail from the mosaic floor at the Villa Romana del Casale near Piazza Amerina and dating from 320BC

Art Nouveau Peridot Pendant & Earrings

Ornaments and Statues


Degas Dancer

Charming reproduction of 'Little Dancer of 14 Years' from c1881 by Edgar Degas (1834-1917). Made from wax, an unusual choice of material for a sculpture of this time, it was exhibited to mixed reviews at the 6th Impressionist exhibition in 1881. The figure was clothe

Gaius Julius Caesar

Based on a bust from c 15AD of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (63BC-14AD), the first emperor of the Roman empire. The idealized bust, called 'Augustus Primaporta', is now housed in the Vatican Museum. Resin.

Home Accessories

Home accessories
Inspired by styles as diverse as Medieval and Art Deco, our home accessories collection ranges from striking museum replicas and ornaments to fine china, practical kitchenwares and mugs. Framed prints, lamps and silk flowers provide the finishing touch for any room.

Nostalgia Books


Pair of Eagle Annuals

Compilations to engross boys of all ages.
1950s Annual: the best 1950s 'Eagle' comics; eclectic articles and Dan Dare.
Cutaways: the inner workings of anything, from steam trains to oil wells.