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Sculptors and Sculpture of the Present and the Past

Scultura; Skulptur

A Comprehensive List of Top Sculpture Websites

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British Baroque Bronze
Chinese Classical Dada
Installations Italian Kinetic
Medieval Public Renaissance
Sand Sculpture gardens Wood
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Galleries and Museums Country Index


African sculpture

American sculpture

Australian sculpture

The Association of Sculptors of Victoria,
supporting sculptors and sculpture in Victoria. Exhibitions, sculptor search.

Moran, Sonya
Sculptures in marble, cold cast bronze, cold cast alloy, clear resin, marble and wood by Australian artist Sonya Moran.

Australian sculpture. Wikipedia entries.

National Australia Bank Sculpture Gallery web directory for Australian sculptors.
Galleries, schools, sculptors, web resources.

Sculpture Parks & Gardens in Australia, a directory.

Sculpture by the Sea
Staged alongside Sydney's spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi is Australia's largest annual outdoor public exhibition of sculpture.

Baroque sculpture

Baroque sculpture in Italy. Scultura Barocca. Thais

Wikipedia entry on the Baroque.

British sculpture

See also: Sculptors
British Contemporary Sculpture
Sculpture at Goodwood,a sculpture garden. Sculpture drawings, articles, archives, pictures.

Wikipedia. entries on British sculptors.

British Contemporary Sculpture
Sculpture at Goodward

Royal Academy cademicians and sculptors.

The Royal Society of British Sculptors

New Art Centre Sculpture Park and Gallery

Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Bronze sculpture

The Bronze Gallery

Bronze sculptors, 19th and 20th Century American and European.
The Bronze Gallery

Bronze sculpture foundry processes.

Bronze sculpture.
A collector's guide. How bronze sculpture is made.

Wikipedia entry on Bronze sculpture.

Some sculptors in bronze:

Contemporary bronze sculptors.
The Open Directory Project Alphabetical Name Index

Catherine Boisseau
Bronzes, sculptures/sculpteur, by Catherine Boisseau. Animals in bronze.

Radu Aftenie,
a Romanian sculptor of monuments dedicated, in the past, to historical and cultural heroes of Romania and, in the present, in an abstract manner, to the higher values and aspirations of mankind. He has populated numerous sculpture parks in Romania with impressive stone, marble and bronze constructions.
Budapest Sculpture Park, Hungary.


Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. A Museum of Automata

Canadian sculpture

Canadian sculptors, a list.
Wikipedia entries.

Canadian Sculptors and Sculpture

Espace Sculpture
A Canadian sculpture magazine with interviews and articles related to various aspects of three dimensionality.

Jock Hildebrand Sculpture Park

Sculptors Society of Canada
The Sculptors' Society of Canada is dedicated to promoting Canadian Art and Artists.

Toronto Sculpture Garden

Garner, Bruce. Bruce Garner

Lemieux, Maurice. Maurice Lemieux
Born in 1931 in Valleyfield, Quebec, Lemieux began experimenting with sculpture, painting  and other mediums in his teens. During the 60's Lemieux started receiving commissions from real estate developers and architectural firms to create large scale murals and sculptures.  For his facility in architectural design, his attention to detail, he soon earned the respect of his patrons.

Cass Sculpture Foundation. Goodwood Sculpture Garden, U.K.

Chinese sculpture web directory of Chinese sculpture.

Ancient Chinese Sculpture

Chinese sculpture, Wikipedia entries.

Classical sculpture

Classical sculpture. Greek and Roman sculpture. Oxford University

Gods in Greco-Roman Sculpture, a web gallery.

Ancient Greek Sculptors.

Pheidias. Article on Pheidas, Greek sculptor of ancient times.

Wikipedia entry on Classical sculpture.

Elgin Marbles
History of the Elgin Marbles (Athens, Greece)

The British Museum and the return of The Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles

Contemporary sculptors: web directories

Contemporary sculptors, a comprehensive directory from The Open Directory Project.

Contemporary sculptors, a list from Wikipedia.


Dada sculpture

D'Art. Bronze sculptures and paintings.

The Digital Sculpture Project
This website is devoted to studying ways in which 3D digital technologies can be applied to the capture, representation and interpretation of sculpture from all periods and cultures. The Digital Sculpture Project focuses on the following issues:
3D data capture and documentation
Digital restoration
Digital tools for the processing and analysis of digitized sculpture, including colorization
Analysis of earlier forms of sculptural reproduction, particularly the cast.

Digital Imaging Project
Art Historical images of European and North American sculpture and architecture from pre-historic to post-modern. 


Elgin marbles

Elgin Marbles
History of the Elgin Marbles (Athens, Greece)

The British Museum and the return of The Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles

Environmental sculpture

Sculpture in the Environment, an architecture and environmental design organisation.

Turrell, James. The Roden Crater of James Turrell

Wikipedia entry on environmental sculpture.

Xenakis, Dimitri
Site-specific art-works, installations in natural and urban landscapes; photos and sculptures, by Dimitri Xenakis, France.

Gardens. Sculpture gardens.


Geometry and abstract sculpture. The sculpture of mathematics.

Glass sculpture

Glass sculptors,
a web directory from the Open Directory Project.

Glass sculptors

Matejkova, Alena.
Glass, ice and stone sculptures by Alena Matejkova.

Greek classical sculpture

The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece.

Ancient Greek Sculptors

Ancient Greek sculptures, Wikipedia entries.

The British Museum collection of ancient Greek art.

Le Louvre department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities.

The National Archaelogical Museum, Athens, Greece

The Charioteer of Delphi

The Charioteer of Delphi

Kore/Korai  (female) statues.

Kouros (make) statues, sculptures.

New Acropolis Museum

The Strangford Apollo
The British Museum

Article on Pheidas, Greek sculptor of ancient times.


Praxiteles, Wikipedia entry.

The Beazley Archive, Oxford University.

Aphrodite of Knidos

Greek Sculpture
Jeffery Howe's Digital Archive of Art, Boston College.

Elgin Marbles
History of the Elgin Marbles (Athens, Greece)

The British Museum and the return of The Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles

Laoco÷n and His Sons


Grounds for Sculpture
A public, not-for-profit institution committed to promoting contemporary sculpture through exhibitions, publications and the education of the general public. New Jersey, US.


Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens
The Digital Imaging Project



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