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New Zealand Female Artists, a list of Websites

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Auckland University
New Zealand women's studies, women artists.

A site for women who use the internet. New Zealand women artists.

The Magdalena Aotearoa Trust
was established in 1997 by Sally Rodwell and Madeline McNamara to encourage and promote the work of women in the performing arts. In 1994, they took their show "Crow Station" to the Magdalena Festival in Cardiff, Wales; their experience of this festival and the dynamic, multicultural structure of the Magdalena Project inspired them to expand the network into Aotearoa and the South Pacific. 

Massey University
Women's studies, feminist Issues. Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Journal


Wikipedia entries on New Zealand women artists.

The Women's Art Movement and Feminist Art, by Anna Tse.

Celebrated New Zealand Women Artists

See also: New Zealand artists

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