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The Art Magazine
An international, web enabled group of people devoted to the arts, committed to the free and open expression of contemporary art issues, and the promulgation of art related material on the internet. 

Art News Online
News, reviews, artist profiles and interviews, exhibition listings.

Art New Zealand
The New Zealand art magazine.


BAFA, art dialogues.
The Bahá´í Association For the Arts, Dunedin.

Baharat -Darshan
A Hindi literary magazine based in New Zealand.

Eye Contact
A forum built to encourage art reviews and critical discussion about the visual culture of Aotearoa New Zealand. Edited by John Hurrell. Critical reviews and spirited discussion on art and visual culture.


A PDF magazine that profiles emerging artists and photographers, including Kiwi artists working abroad. Join the database by emailing [email protected] or visit their website.

Global Museum
A museums ezine specialising in online communication and services for the not-for-profit and profit  sectors


Her Business Magazine
A leading NZ women's business magazine. 'If your goal is to be self-employed, start your own business, grow your business, become an entrepreneur or follow your dreams, you’ll love Her Magazine.'


The voice of the creative economy.


JAAM (Just Another Art Movement),
a national literary journal run by an independent publishing collective in Wellington.



publishes literary fiction and essays, poetry, extracts from work in progress, criticism and commentary on New Zealand arts and culture, work by photographers and artists and reviews of New Zealand books.

Leaf Salon
New Zealand literary news, reviews, opinions, new books and events.

The Listener
A prominent New Zealand weekly magazine.

Log Illustrated
A contemporary art magazine, published by The Physics Room.

The Lumiere Reader
Film, art and literary reviews.



Natural Selection
Australian and New Zealand art reviews.

The New Zealand Edge
This site celebrates New Zealand's international achievers, and attempts to bring the 500,000 plus international Kiwis closer to home, emotionally if not physically.They want to represent New Zealand's international population as a global network that is an asset, not a brain drain.

NZ Art Monthly
Articles on New Zealand artists, exhibitions, art issues, with sections on buying art and the art market.

A New Zealand Ezine. News, articles, entertainment, issues and humour from the New Zealand perspective.


Pie Paper
Pie is a New Zealand-based quarterly newspaper on art, nature and science.



Scribble on the net. New Zealand and International poetry. Poetry, reviews, resources, discussion group.

A literary magazine which has been published twice yearly since October 1988.

State of the Arts
New Zealand and Australian visual arts, performing arts, music & film. Arts news, arts in the media.


A literary magazine publishing short fiction, poetry & essays on cultural topics, based in Christchurch.

A fashion, style, culture ezine and and online shop for new zealand designer label clothing and jewellery.


White Fungus
White Fungus is an experimental arts magazine based in Wellington. Produced by a collective of artists, writers and designers, White Fungus is an ongoing experiment in community media art.

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