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Ancient ballads

Ancient ballads, songs and poems of the English peasantry.
Project Gutenberg

The Bodleian Library Ballad Collection
View facsimiles of printed ballads.

Ancient ballads, songs and poems of the English peasantry.
Project Gutenberg

Wikipedia entry on the ballad form.

Ancient literature
See also: Classical Literature

Alexandria on the Web. The Library of Alexandria
A meeting place of philosophy, cosmology, religion and myth. The Alexandria Journal

Antique Book Resources Online

Aphorisms Galore:
aphorisms, quotes and sayings of famous people. Categorized under subject and author.
Articles from Google Scholar
Search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.
Artists' Books

Assonance in poetry

A definition.


Awards/Literary awards, prizes, fellowships

Literature Awards



The Bodleian Library Ballad Collection:
view facsimiles of printed ballads..

Ancient ballads, songs and poems of the English peasantry.
Project Gutenberg

Wikipedia entry on the ballad form.

Bible resources, Bibles online

See also: Religious Literature
English Bible Versions, a link directory.
Collections of Texts Online

Scripture, Theology and Christianity at
Answers to questions on scriptual detail for children.

Gutenberg Bible. Gutenberg Digital, The Göttenberg/Gutenberg Bible, Germany.
View by chapter and page. All 1282 pages of both volumes. Johann Gutenberg:  His Life.


See also: Authors Index
Biographies of classic fiction writers.

where you can find over 500 author biographies of some of the most important writers in history. You can also view selected bibliographies, and the winners, past and present, of the top literary prizes since they began.

More than 328 author biographies and bibliographies.

Blogs/Literary Blogs

Book fairs

Book fairs,
an international web directory from The Library of Congress, US.

Book Expo America, Los Angeles.

Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany.

Leipzig Book Fair

London Book Fair

Salon du Livre, Paris.

Turin International Book Fair, Italy.
Fiera Internazionale del Libro
Books on Demand (BOD) 
See also: Publishers
Internet, BOD publishers.

Book-on-demand publishers (BOD)
Book arts
See also: Artists' Books
Typography on the web
Typefaces, history of typography, typesetting.


Censorship. Project Censored
Media censorship stories, censorship accounts.

Censorship. Banned book and censorship resources.
Media issues, art, literature, humanities, libraries, censorship associations.

Free Speech
A page of useful links to free speech organizations and web pages.

Wikipedia entry on censorship

Children's literature
See also: Children's Literature

Children's Cyber Library
Fairrosa Library of Children's Literature.
Classical, Ancient Literature
Classical Literature. Text archives, websites
Literary Awards
Literary competitions, a directory from The Open Directory Project.

Contemporary English / American literature

See also: American Literature   English Literature
Contemporary Literature E-texts. Digital Variants Project
From the Italian Department, Edinburgh University.

Richmond Review. What's New
Contemporary writing on the net.
Country: literature categorized under Country
Country, period, author, language directory.

Courtly love

Courtly love and Machaut.

Background to Romance.
Courtly love in Medieval literature.

Wikipedia entry on courtly love.

Creative writing schools

See: Writing Schools
Creative writing web links.
The British Council

Training and Workshops

FAQs, help and and tutorials.
Open Directory Project
Crime fiction, detective fiction. mystery fiction
See: Crime Fiction
Agatha Christie

British Crime Fiction

Chandler, Raymond. Raymond Chandler website.

Chase, James Hadley. James Hadley Chase

Classic Crime Fiction,
a resource for collectors & readers alike.

Wikipedia entry on crime fiction.
Criticism, literary critics, literary theory

Culture Vulture
Choices for the cognoscenti. Art & architecture, dance, destinations, film, television, theater, archives. Up-to-date reviews and overviews of the latest books, music and film and theater performances.