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Nineteenth century

Nineteenth-Century Literature on the Internet

Romantic Literature
   Victorian Literature

American 19th Century American literature, an extensive link directory from Voice of the Shuttle.

Children's literature. The British Library catalogue for Nineteenth Century Children's Literature
The acquisition of copyright deposit of the productions of British publishers, which became effective from about 1840 onwards, ensured that the British Library has one of the largest collections in the world. Completed in 1999, Children's Literature contains 2,369 titles on 5,527 fiches.

Nineteenth-Century Literature, a website index of 19th Century authors and poets.
Academic and critical articles on 19th-century authors; open access research. Literary History

19th century literature, arranged by decade. Wikipedia entries.


A Brief Guide to the Symbolists

Victorian literature

See also: British Authors and General Author Index

Aspects of the Victorian Book
The British Library

Literature of the Victorian Period
Biographies and photographs of Victorian writers.

Poets. Victorian poets.
Etexts from Poet Seers.

A list of Victorian poets, from Wikisource.


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