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Folk Tales & Legends

Fairy Tales, Legends and Fables

A Comprehensive Website Listing

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African Folklore

African Folk Tales

Bura folktales.

South African Folk Tales Index

American Folklore

American Folklore
Retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends.

American Folklore Society

Native American Lore Index

Folklore of the United States
Wikipedia entry.

Heroes & Champions
Andersen, Hans Christian. Hans Christian Andersen Centre
Research, texts in 15 languages, web links.
Hans Christian Andersen:
Fairy Tales and Stories, from the English Translationby H. P. Paull.

Arabian Nights (One Thousand and One NIghts)

Arabian Nights
An Annotated Index

Arabian Nights
Wikipedia entry.


Wikipedia entry.

Beowulf resources.

Full text and audio.


Celtic legends



Ancient Chinese Fables

Chinese folk tales.
Cinderella. Cinderella texts.
English-language versions of Cinderella published between 1729 and 1912 versions. The Cinderella Project.


Eastern Stories and Legends,
re-told by Marie L. Shedlock.


Europäische Märchengesellschaft. The European Fairy-Tale Society


Fairy Tales,
an index from The University of Maryland.

Fairy Tales. SurLaLune.
A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies featuring 35 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, and over 1,200 illustrations. Discover hundreds of fairy tales from around the world.

The Folklore Society, U.K.
The Folklore Society (FLS) is a learned society, based in London, devoted to the study of all aspects of folklore and tradition, including: ballads, folktales, fairy tales, myths, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, childlore and children's folklore, folk arts and crafts, popular belief, folk religion, material culture, vernacular language, sayings, proverbs and nursery rhymes, folk medicine, plantlore and weather lore.


Grimm's Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales. Complete texts.

Grimm Fairy Tales,
an interactive website.

Grimm Fairy Tales,
an animated site from National Geographic.


Hungarian Folklore. American

Hungarian Folklore Centrum



A Flowering Tree and other Oral Tales from India.
A. K. Ramanujan.

Indiana University Folktales Collection

Internet folkore, story-telling, game-playing

Games for Change
Founded in 2004, Games for Change facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.
Unlike the commercial gaming industry, we aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good.


Know Your Meme
Know Your Meme is a website dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more.


Irish Fairy Tales
Etexts from Project Gutenberg.

Irish Folk Tales


Marvels and Tales
Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies
The Little Red Riding Hood Project


Persian Folk Tales for Children

Project Gutenberg (German version)


Russian and Ukrainian Folktales

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Russian Fairy Tales, by W. R. S.  Ralston.
Snow White. A scholarly Snow White.
Texts and illustrations.

Wikipedia entry on folklore.

Live on ABC Online
Re-enchantment is a transmedia documentary about the hidden meanings of fairy tales across cultures, periods and medias.
Did you know the first-known written Cinderella story dates back to 9th century China and the practice of foot binding?

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