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Arts décoratif; Artes decorativas
Arti decorative; Kunsthandwe

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Auctions/Art auctions, a website directory.

Country Life  magazine, UK.
Antiques, Architecture & Fine Art, Gardens & Gardening, Life in the Country, Countryside Concerns. Searchable pictures and articles on countryside houses, castles, chateaux, gardens, estates, etc.


Danish Design Centre

Danish Museum of Decorative Art

Domus. Editorale Domus.
The famous Italian design magazine. Un'azienda da sempre all'avanguardia. Architettura, Design, arte, comunicazione.

Dutch applied arts and antiques

Kunstpedia. The knowledgebase of fine and decorative arts.
Kunstpedia is a knowledgebase containing articles and essays on the fine and decorative arts, popularly stated arts and antiques. The articles are both in English as well as in Dutch.

European Decorative Art image resources.
Dutch / Flemish, English, French, Italian, German and contemporary decorative art. Detroit Institute of Arts


Feng Shui
The American Feng Shui Institute, founded in1991.

The Feng Shui Society
The Feng Shui Society, ensuring public confidence in the integrity of Feng Shui practice. Description: The Feng Shui Association, based in Brighton, UK

The Feng-Shiu Ultimate Resource
Essays and articles, by Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui Directory of Consultants

The American Feng Shui Institute, founded in1991.

International Feng Shui Guild Home Page.
Promoting the use, practice, and teaching of Feng Shui. News, meetings, schools, events.

The Feng Shui Fanzine
The Classical Feng Shui  Online Magazine

Feng Shui tips for home or office.

Floral Art
See also: Bonsai and  Floral Art
Floral Art School of Australia

Floral Art Society, New Zealand.

Royal Horticulture Society, Chelsea Flower Show

Kunstpedia. The knowledgebase of fine and decorative arts.
Kunstpedia is a knowledgebase containing articles and essays on the fine and decorative arts, popularly stated arts and antiques. The articles are both in English as well as in Dutch.


The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. Vienna and L.A.

Metropolis Magazine Online.
Architecture, design, culture.

Middle Eastern Decorative Art image resources.
Egypt, Etruscan, Iran, Greece, Mesopotania, Persia. Detroit Institute of Arts.



Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 2000 images online.
The largest decorative arts museum in the world.


The William Morris Gallery, England.
Devoted to the art of England's best known designer and instigator of the art and craft movement.



See: Antiques

Antiques Bulletin Online
The Interactive World of Antiques. Searchable auctions around the world, fairs, dealers, forgeries, tips, latest news. Based in the U.K.

Antique Collectors Online
A major internet antique portal. BADA, antique fairs, antique dealer associations, antique collectors, dealers.


Bonsai Clubs International
Bonsai events. competitions. conventions.

Bonsai Site
Bonsai as an art and horticultural practice.

Bonsai Trees. All Bonsai Trees.
Articles and websites for the Bonsai tree enthusiast.

National Bonsai Foundation, U.S.

Book Arts, Illustration, History of Books

Artists' Books

Children's book illustration websites,
resources from Children's Book Central. Rarities, discussion, links.

History of books, authorship, printing.
From S.H.A.R.P

Old Book Art
This site provides & facilitate access to free illustrations: pictures, drawings, maps and other images scanned from antiquarian, public-domain books and other old documents. It has over 4,700 images in its gallery.

Share your favourite pictures from the past. A gallery of magazine, newspaper and book  illustrations from the 1700s to the present.

Salvage and ReDesign
Recycled art and craft zine with projects and inspiration.

Yale Book Arts
Links to typography, book artists, organizations, exhibits, paper making (Yale University).


Arabic calligraphy
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy Wikipedia entry.
Asian (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) calligraphy.
Green Dragon Arts


Associazione Calligrafica Italiana (ACI)

Association for the Calligraphic Arts

The Chinese Calligraphy Association

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. IAMPETH


Officina Patosq
A calligraphy blog by Tommasina Squadrito  - a calligraphy of gestures, visions, conditions, writing.
Calligrafia in movimenti, condizioni, scritture.

Chinese Calligraphy.
History and instruction on Chinese writing.
Chinese and Japanese calligraphy by Aiko Morita.

Chinese Calligraphy
An illustrated chronology of Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese master calligraphy.
Gothic script Wikipedia entry.

Japanese calligraphy

Japanese Kana calligraphy.

Japanese calligraphy. Japan Guide

Japanese calligraphy. Takase

Shodo Journal Research Institute

Masters of Chinese calligraphy.


Museum of calligraphy and miniature graphics in Pettenbach (Austria)

Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow.

Manuscript museum at the Library of Alexandria

Persian calligraphy

Persian Calligraphy
A website dedicated to Persian calligraphy

Famous Persian calligraphers.

Taipei National Palace Museum
The Calligraphic World of Mi Fu's Art

Taipei Palace Museum calligraphy collection.

Western calligraphy, Wikipedia entry.

Wikipedia entry on calligraphy.