New Zealand arts funding

Arts Funding in New Zealand, a List of Websites

Arts advocacy, arts sponsorship in New Zealand.
Creative New Zealand

Arts Advocates, Auckland.
Arts Advocates Auckland is an active group of individuals and others, dedicated to advancing the arts in the Auckland region, by promoting awareness, supporting practice and innovation and encouraging participation.

Arts funding in Auckland.
The  Auckland City Council

Arts RegionaTrust
Through its unique and innovative programmes and approach, ART is growing entrepreneurship in the Auckland’s arts, culture and creative sectors to generate cultural, creative and economic outcomes that benefit the region. The City Councils of Auckland and Manukau created the Arts Regional Trust: Te Taumata Toi-a–iwi (ART) in 2000 to manage and grow their combined share of funds ($6 million) provided through the disestablishment of Auckland Regional Services Trust.

The Big Idea/Te Aria Nui
News on arts funding events and resources throughout New Zealand.
Boosted uses a form of fundraising called crowdfunding. Crowdfunding websites enable projects to receive many, often small, private donations towards a funding goal. The projects are promoted using e-mail and social media networks.

Creative New Zealand
Creative NZ - Goverment funding agency. News, projects, arts research, arts advocacy, arts of New Zealand, visual arts research, arts and business partnerships, New Zealand art images, key art and culture dates, contacts, publications.

Chrysalis Seed Trust website and social network.
Essential art news, including competitions, funding, residencies and other opportunities. Exhibition reviews, topical interviews and features. A directory to helpful organisations and resources. All to help contemporary visual artists connect with each other, develop their practices and explore the intersection of art and Christian faith.

Funding Information Service Inc
The Funding Information Service is a not-for-profit organisation collecting and distributing information on arts funding by way of searchable computer databases.

Independent Filmmakers Fund, Creative New Zealand

Local Government Online

Ministry for Culture and Heritage funding guide.

New Zealand Film Commission
New Zealand government funding for NZ films. List of New Zealand film directors, film archives, locations, administration, finance.

Trust Waikato
An arts deveopment trust. Trust Waikato has been providing financial support to organisations in its area since 1989, with a steady increase in donations during this period.

Creative New Zealand
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