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Film and filmmaking
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World Cinema  Cinéma Européen

Japanese Cinema  Swedish Cinema

European Cinema

The best of European cinema, a web portal.

Europa Film Treasures
Europa Film Treasures, a platform in 5 languages where one can freely watch heritage cinema. The selection of films in all genres proposed on the website covers nearly a century of cinema, from the end of the 19th century to the 70s.

European / Central and East European cinema.  Kinoeye Archive
Resources on Central and East European cinema. Content-rich sites relating to Central and East European cinema. It aims toprovide a definitive index of intelligent and thoughtful English-language analysis of Central and Eastern European cinema on the web.

The European Federation of Cinematographers


Greatest Films. 100 / 200 Greatest Movies. A directory.

Hungarian cinema

Hungary. Filmkultúra. An online cinema magazine.

Hungarian cinema, Wikipedia entry.

Hungarian film diirectors, Wikipedia entry.

Szabó, István. István Szabó. IMDB

Icelandic cinema

Iceland. Icelandic Films.com.

Icelandic ciinema, Wikipedia entry.

Inside Film
A film magazine / ezine. Film festivals directory, articles, pictures.

Interviews, reviews, exclusives, cinema search, The Film Four Channel

Irish cinema

Italian cinema

Korean cinema

Swedish cinema

Bergman, Ingmar

Directors, a list of Swedish film directors from Wikipedia.

Film i Vast

The Ingmar Bergman Foundation

MovieboX, a Swedish films, media and television news and reviews portal.

Swedish cinema, Wikipedia entry.

Swedish Film Database

Swedish Film Institute. Svenska Filminstitutet


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