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Movie News, Upcoming Films, Reviews

Ain't It Cool News
The latest in movie information from Hollywood. Film News
Articles, news, and reviews from Canada. is an exclusive site for latest and trending Bollywood news, gossips, celebrity interviews and almost everything you are looking for in the Indian Film industry.

Channel 4 Film
Independent UK cinema subscription channel.

The latest cinematic happenings.

Cinema Confidential
Reviews, gossip, interviews, rumors, news, and contests.

Cinema Eye
Movie news, reviews, trailers, with a focus on independent and low-budget films.
Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, film festivals, film schools.

E-Online: Reviews
News, reviews, and information about recently released and upcoming films.

Film Unlimited
News, reviews, gossip, full UK listings from the Guardian and Observer.

A Movie Analysis, Question, Answer, and Ending Explanation Site

Academy awards

Academy Award recipents.
A directory from The Open Directory Project.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, official site.

Actors, Talent Search, Casting and Actors Agencies
See: Film Acting

African cinema

African Cinema Resources on the Web

African film. Film from Africa and the African diaspora.

Acces Cinema Africain

Films and Videos on Africa

Pan African Film and Arts Festival

Pan African FIlm and Television Festival (FESPACO)

South African Film

American cinema

See also the alphabetical index.

American Cinematheque
A cultural arts organization which programs year-round specialty films at the landmark 1922 Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Bringing unique film experiences (and opportunities to meet the filmmakers who created them) to Southern California audiences and visitors to Los Angeles.

American film classics. From Reel Classics.
Information on classic American films and film makers.

American Film Institute. American films, cinematography.

Greatest Films
Specializing in Classic Hollywood/ American films: film reference material of all kinds, complete Academy Awards (Oscars) history and detailed film history by decade.

The New York Film Academy
Designed for the new generation of filmmakers who share a common passion and want to learn by making their own films immediately in a hands-on intensive program. An international institute with schools in such places as New York, Universal Studios, California, Boston, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris,Tokyo and soon in Mexico.

See: Animation

Anime, Manga.
Online animated films from Japan. Downloads.

See: Animation

See: Film archives

FIAF. The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)
brings together institutions dedicated to rescuing films both as cultural heritage and as historical documents. La Federation Internationale des Archives du Film. La Federacion Internacional de Archivos Filmicos.

Actors, Talent Search, Casting and Actors Agencies  See: Film Acting

Art on Film
Art seen in films, films with art as a theme. A database of film and video about art, or films containing art.

Argentine cinema

List of Argentine films from Wikipedia.

Asian cinema

See also: Chinese cinema  Japanese cinema

Asian Academy Of Film & Television (AAFT)
A Pioneer in Film & Television Training in India. They offer courses specifically designed to provide education to aspirants of a full time career in the field of film and televison.

Asian Film Connections
The Asian Film Connections seeks to create a deeper awareness and understanding of Asian cinema byproviding immediate and comprehensive information about films from Asia, especially the cinemas of China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Asian Film Foundation
A community where everyone can share and participate in the rich film landscapes of China, Japan, India, Hong Kong and all the countries of that region.

Cinemawork, Japan.

Imagine Asia
A UK-wide celebration of the cinema cultures of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, including British-Asian work.


Toronto Asian Film Festival


Australian and New Zealand cinema

See: Australian Film/New Zealand Film

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Australian Children's Film & Television Foundation

Australian Film - an anotated bibliography.

Australian Film Commission

Australian Film Institute

Austrian cinema

List of Austrian films from Wikipedia.

Austrian film, Internet Movie Database

Austrian Film Commission/ Screen Austria

Austrian Film Museum

Austrian Independent Film and Video Database

Festival of international cinema in Vienna/

Cinema of Austria Facebook

Filmarchiv Austria

Der Austerreichische Film

Offscreen, a blog for Austrian films.

Viennale: Internationales Filmfestival

Ã…usterreichisches Filminstitut

See: Film awards


Belgian cinema

Belgian films, a list from Wikipedia.

Belgian film directors, a list from Wikipedia.

Belgian film, Internet Movie Database

The Belgium Film Industry

Flanders Image, a website on the Flemish film industry.


BBC film webpages. Reviews and news.


Blockbuster films. A database and message board.

Blogs  Film blogs
See Film Blogs and Journals

Bollywood. Indian Film

Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond. James Bond, 007, OHMSS.

James Bond 007

James Bond DVD Web Site

James Bond, Wikipedia entry.

Brazilian cinema

Cinema of Brazil. Wikipedia eentry.

Brazilian Cinema. New films. The Alternative Film Guide blog.

Brazilian film history, a brief introduction. Off Screen

CINEMA BRASI. Instituto Cultural Cinema Brasil, Brazilian Movies database (Portuguese, English and French).

Cinemateca Brasileira (Portuguese)

Vera Cruzc website.

British Film
See: British Cinema

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

British Film Institute
Includes British film links and resources.

Broadband films  See: Broadband film
See also: Short films and Internet films

Festivals of Broadband Films