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film genres, styles of film

Film Genres, Types of Film

A Website Listing and Guide

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Action/adventure films

Top actions movies.

Action Films
Analysis of the action genre.

Adventure Films
Extensive look at the genre from swashbucklers to "Lawrence of Arabia" to disaster movies.

Cop Action Films
Charts the shift from the vengeful vigilante cop of the 1970s to the action-hero cop of the 1980s.
News, information, charts, and reviews of disaster movies.

Everything Action
Weblog with news, extensive action character profiles.

Girls With Guns
Fan site documenting female action heroes.

The Greatest Disaster Films of All Time

Top 50 Adventure Films
Internet Movie Database

Adventure films

Comedy films

Comedy films,
Wikipedia entry.

Database of comedy films.

Screwball Comedy
Description of the genre, audio clips, images and bibliography.

Top 50 Comedy Films
Internet Movie Database top fifty all-time Comedy films.

Top 10 Political Comedy Movies
List of political comedies by journalist Daniel Kurtzman.

Crime films

Crime films,
Wikipedia entry.



Descriptions of film genres.

Wikipedia list of film genres.

Genres of film at the Internet Movie Database

Link directory of genre films.
A link directory of films and film sites classified under genre, from The Open Directory Project.

Film genres from Greatest Films

Documentary films


Family films,
Wikipedia entry.

Film noir

Film Noir

Database of film noir.


Gangster films

Greatest Films.
An overview of various film genres.


Historical/history films/costume dramas

Costume Drama
Screen online. British Film Institute

Costume Films
Famous Costume Drama Films

Epics / Historical Films
Extensive examination of period pieces, costume dramas and biographies and historical epics.

Database of period-pieces based around a historical time-line indicating when each is set.

Historical drama,
Wikipedia entry.

Historic Films Inc. Stock Footage Library.
Historic Films Stock Footage Library is a comprehensive film clip archive; dedicated to providing image licensing, copyright clearances and access to clients purchasing stock footage.

History in the Movies
Commentary from Schultz's syndicated "History in the Movies" column.

Horror films

Link directory of genre films.
A link directory of films and film sites classified under genre, from The Open Directory Project.

List of cinematic genres from Wikpedia.


Mystery films

Top 50 Mystery Movies
Internet Movie Database users vote for the top fifty all-time Mystery films.


Road movies

Road Movies
A web directory of road movies. DMOZ

Road Movies
Article by Sam North.

Romance films

Science fiction films

Science Fiction
A very generalized web index, from The Open Directory Project.

Science fiction film,
Wikipedia entry.

Science fiction films,
a list from Wikipedia.

Spaghetti westerns.

Top-rated science fiiction films.

Short film

Thriller films

Underground film, experimental film. .

War films

IMDB database of war films.

War films,
Wikipedia entry.

Suite 101: Military Movies
Articles on the relationship of the motion picture industry to military and defense issues.

Top 50 War Films

Victory Theater: Hollywood and World War II
Blog covering the war's impact on Hollywood.

War and Anti-War Films
Discussion of war and anti-war films.


Wikipedia entry.

Database of western films.

Database with photographs and information on directors, actors, authors, and musical scores.

A collection of articles and links relating to Westerns.

Westerns from the East
Synopses of the Western films produced by DEFA in East Germany between 1966 and 1983.

Wikipedia entry for film genres.


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