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Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bali

Agung Rai Fine Art Gallery
A collection of traditional and contemporary Balinese fine art.

Balinese, Indonesian puppets.

Rudana Museum. Art Museum of Bali

Bali’s Arts Scene by
Explore Bali’s museums, galleries and art exhibitions.

Balinese art. Wikipedia
Balinese art is of Hindu-Javanese origin and the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, from the late 13th century.

Balinese dance. Wikipedia

Bali Painting Collections, Ubud Painting, arts culture
Ubud Bali Painting Art Gallery: Balinese landscape painting, Buddha art painting, Batuan style.

Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali
The Neka Art Museum was opened in 1982 and is named after a Balinese teacher Suteja Neka who collected paintings as a means of artistic documentation. Nowadays the museum has a great selection of works from many famous Balinese artists and expats who have lived here and influenced local artists.

Skull Bliss
Skull Bliss is comprised of a large team of extremely talented indigenous artists from Bali, combined with western management. They take pride in producing 100% handcrafted animal skulls with stunning designs.

Ubad Painting Gallery