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Great classical conductors

Classical Orchestra Conductors

An index of orchestra conductors

Chefs d'orchestre; Berühmten Dirigenten; Direttori d'orchestra famosi


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Abbado, Claudio

Abbado, Claudio. Claudio Abbado Homepage
Claudio Abbado. Deutsche Grammophon
Claudio Abbado. Wikipedia entry.
Claudio Abbado News from The New York Times
Claudio Abbado on Facebook.

Alsop, Marin

Alsop, Marin. The Marin Alsop homepage.
Marin Alsop. Wikipedia.
Marin Alsop News. The New York Times

Ashkenazy, Vladimir

Ashkenazy, Vladimir. Vladimir Ashkenazy, Wikipedia entry.


Barbirolli, Sir John

Barbirolli, Sir John. The Barbirolli Society
Sir John Barbirolli. BBC profile.
Sir John Barbirolli. Wikipedia profile.
Sir John Barbirolli. Video documentary.

Beecham, Sir Thomas

Beecham, Sir Thomas. Sir Thomas Beecham Society Homepage
Sir Thomas Beecham, videos on YouTube.
Thomas Beecham. Wikipedia.

Bernstein, Leonard

Leonard Bernstein Official Site
Leonard Bernstein, Wikipedia entry.
Leonard Bernstein on YouTube. Conducting, workshops, interviews, coments on composers.

Bohm, Karl

Bohm, Karl. Karl Bohm. Biography, background.
Karl Böhm. Wikipedia
Karl Bohm conducting. YouTube video.

Blomstedt, Herbert

Blomstedt, Herbert, Herbert Blomstedt. Decca Classsics
Herbert Blomstedt, Wikipedia entry.
Herbert Blomsedt. Arkiv Music discographies.

Boulez, Pierre

Pierre Boulez. DG
Pierre Boulez, Wikipedia entry.

Bychkov, Semya

Bychkov, Semya. Semyon Bychkov
Berliner Philharmoniker
Semyon Bychkov official website.
Semyon Bychkov
Interview: Semyon Bychkov: his own man. The Spectator


Celibidache, Sergiu

Celibidache, Sergiu. Sergiu Celibidache. Forum, teaching, life, conducting.
The Celibidache Foundation
Sergiu Celibidache, Wikipedia entry.

Chailly, Riccardo

Chailly, Riccardo. Riccardo Chailly, Wikipedia entry.
Riccardo Chailly website.
Riccardo Chailly. Decca
Ricardo Chailly. Culturekisosque interview.


de Waart, Edo

de Waart, Edo. Edo de Waart. Wikipedia

von, Dohnanyi, Christoph

von Dohnányi, Christoph. Christoph von Dohnányi. Decca Classics

Dudamel, Gustavo

Dudamel, Gustavo. Gustavo Dudamel homepage.
Gustavo Dudamel. Wikipedia entry.


Eschenbach, Christoph

Eschenbach, Christoph. Christoph Eschenbach, the official website.
Christoph Eschenbach conducting the Gustav Mahler symphonies (video).


Fischer, Iván

Fischer, Iván. Iván Fischer, Wikipedia entry.
Budaphest Festival Orchestra

Frantz, Justus

Frantz, Justus. Justus Frantz

Furtwängler, Wilhelm

Wilhelm Furtwängler. Wikipedia entry.
Wilhelm Furtwangler. Classical


Gergiev, Valery

Gergiev, Valery. Valery Gergiev. Decca Classics
Valery Gergiev. Norman Lebrecht article.

Gilbert, Alan

Gilbert, Alan. Alan Gilbert. Wikipedia
Alan Gilbert official site.
New York Philharmonic: Alan Gilbert Biography

Giulini, Carlo Maria

Carlo Maria Giulini. BBC profile.
Carlo Maria Giulini, Wikipedia entry.


Haitink, Bernard

Haitink, Bernard. Bernard Haitink, Wikipedia entry.

Harding, Daniel

Harding, Daniel. Daniel Harding, official website.

Harnoncourt, Nikolaus

Harnoncourt, Nikolaus. Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Nikolaus Harnoncourt official website.
Nikolaus Harnoncourt Wikipedia entry.

Hogwood, Christopher

Hogwood, Christopher. Christopher Hogwood official website.
Christopher Hogwood, Wikipedia entry.
The Academy of Ancient Music


Jacobs, René

René Jacobs. Bach Cantatas
René Jacobs. Wikipedia entry.

Jansons, Mariss

Jansons, Mariss. Mariss Jansons, Wikipedia entry.


Järvi, Neeme

Järvi, Neeme. Neeme Jarvi. Wikipedia entry.
Neeme Järvi official website.
Neeme Järvi at Allmusic
Neeme Jarvi. New York Times reviews and articles.

Järvi, Paavo

Järvi, Paavo, Paavo Jarvi's website.

Jochum, Eugen

Jochum, Eugen. Eugen Jochum, Wikipedia entry.


von Karajan, Herbert

von Karajan, Herbert. Herbert von Karajan. The Herbert von Karajan Centre Archives
Herbert von Karajan Centrum (Centre). A Karajan research site.
Herbert von Karajan concerts, recordings, memorabilia, concert posters, concert programmes, items wanted and for sale.
Herbert von Karajan, Wikipedia entry.
Herbert von Karajan's recordings of Bach's vocal works.
Herbert von Karajan videos on YouTube.


Kertész, István

Istvan Kertesz, Wikipedia entry.

Kleiber, Carlos

Kleiber, Carlos. Carlos Kleiber
Eric and Carlos Kleiber Page

Klemperer, Otto

Klemperer, Otto. Otto Klemperer
Otto Klemperer, Wikipedia entry.
Otto Klemperer.

Kondrashin, Kiril

Kondrashin, Kiril. Kiril Kondrashin

Koussevitsky, Serge

Koussevitzky, Serge. Sergei Koussevitsky Music Foundations

Kubelik, Rafael

Kubelik, Rafael. Rafael Kubelík, Wikipedia entry.

Web directories and conductor's websites

Lucerne Festival Conducting Masterclasses.
YouTube A conductor's forum.

The Conductors Guild

Conductors web directory from the Open Directory Project.

Dead Conductors Page. A directory of famous conductors from the past.

Decca Music Group. Conductorbiographies
and information.

Deutsche Grammophon
DG artist list.
Female conductors.

Wikipedia. Entry on the art ofconducting.

Youtube online videos of classical concerts.




Levine, James

Levine, James. James Levine, Wikipedia entry.


Maazel, Lorin

Lorin Maazel. 1984, The Opera by Lorin Maazel
Lorin Maazel homepage.
Lorin Maazel. Wikipedia entry.
Lorin Maazel. YouTube videos.

Mahler, Gustav

Mahler, Gustav. Gustav Mahler. The International Gustav Mahler Society
Gustav Mahler web directory from The Open Directory Project
The Gustav Mahler page.

Makraki, Maria

Maria Makraki.
Maria Makraki, Wikipedia entry.

Masur, Kurt

Masur, Kurt. Kurt Masur. The official Kurt Masur Website
Kurt Masur. Classika

Marriner, Sir Neville

Marriner, Sir Neville. Sir Neville Marriner. Wikipedia entry.
Academy of St Martin in the Fields

Mehta, Zubin

Mehta, Zubin. Zubin Mehta, Wikipedia entry.

Mengelberg, Willem

Willem Mengelberg. Short biography and pictures.
Willem Mengelberg. Great Historical Musicians

Minkowski, Marc

Minkowski, Marc. Marc Minkowski

Mravinsky, Yevgeny

Mravinsky, Yevgeny. Yevgeny Mravinsk
Mravinsky Biography at All
Yevgeny Mravinsky. Wikipedia

Muti, Riccardo

Muti, Riccardo. Riccardo Muti.
Riccardo Muti. Teatro alla Scala
Riccardo Muti. Klassika


Nagano, Kent

Nagano, Kent. Kent Nagano. A dedicatedKent Nagano web site.
Kent Nagano interview.
Kent Nagano, Russian National Orchestra.

Nézet-Séguin, Yannick

Yannick Nézet-Séguin Website
Nézet-Séguin. Wikipedia entry.

Norrington, Sir Roger

Norrington, Sir Roger. Sir Roger Norrington
Sir Roger Norrington. Discography, comments, performances

Sir Roger Norrington. Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works


Ormandy, Eugene

Eugene Ormandy. Wikipedia entry.

Ozawa, Seiji

Seiji Ozawa. Wikipedia entry.
Seiji Ozawa at Allmusic


Pappano, Antonio

Pappano, Antonio. Antonio Pappano

Pletnev, Mikhail

Pletnev, Mikhail. Mikhail Pletnev, Wikipedia entry.

Previn, André

Previn, André. Andre Previn. Shirmer Composers
André Previn. Wikipedia
André Previn. The official website.
Andre Previn. Deutsche Grammophon(search under Artists list).



Rattle, Sir Simon

Sir Simon Rattle. Interview.
Sir Simon Rattle. Berliner Philharmoniker
Sir Simon Rattle BBC audio interview.
Sir Simon Rattle conducti
ng the finale of Mahler's 8th. YouTube video.

Rozhdestvensky, Guennadi

Rozhdestvensky, Guennadi, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Wikipedia entry.


Salonen, Esa-Pekka

Salonen, Esa-Pekka. Esa-Pekka Salonen
Esa-Pekka Salonen. Official Website
Esa-Pekka Salonen. Wikipedia

Sanderling, Kurt

Sanderling, Kurt. Kurt Sanderling

Spivakov, Vladimir

Slatkin, Leonard

Slatkin, Leonard. Leonard Slatkin, Wikipedia entry.

Solti, Sir Georg

Sir Georg Solti. A Solti dedicated site.
Sir Georg Solti. Decca Classics

Steinberg, Pinchas

Steinberg, Pinchas. Pinchas Steinberg. Wikipedia

Stokowski, Leopold

Stokowski, Leopold. The LeopoldStokowski Society

Svetlanov, Evgeny

Svetlanov, Evgeny. Evengeny Svetlanov

Szell, George

Szell, George. George Szell


Tennstedt, Klaus

Tennstedt, Klaus. Klaus Tennstedt
Wikipedia entry.

Thielman, Christian

Thieleman, Christian. Christian Thieleman. Deutsche Grammophon
Christian Thieleman. Klassika

Thomas, Michael-Tilson

Thomas, Michael Tilson. Michael Tilson Thomas. Wikipedia entry.
Michael Tilson Thomas. Sony Music bio.
Michael Tilson Thomas. Keeping Score.
Keeping Score
is the San Francisco Symphony’s national, multi-year program designed to make classical music more accessible to people of all ages and musical backgrounds. 

Toscanini, Arturo

Toscanini, Arturo. Fondazione ArturoToscanini.
The foundation operates in all areas of musical life in cooperation with public and private organizations interested or directly involved in the diffusion of culture and live musical performance, as well as the basic and advanced training of music professionals (musicians, singers, technicians, etc).
Arturo Toscanini, Wikipedia entry.
Toscanni Online


von Karajan, Herbert  See above


Walter, Bruno

Bruno Walter. Sony Classics
Bruno Walter conducting Mahler. YouTube
Bruno Walter, Wikipedia entry.

Wand, Günter

Wand, Günter Wand. Günter Wand. Wikipedia entry.
Günter Wand, a dedicated website.
Günter Wand. Naxos recordings.

Welser-Most, Hanz

Welser-Möst. Franz Welser-Most. Wikipedia entry.

Willocks, Sir David

Willocks, Sir David. Sir David Willcocks, Wikipedia entry.


Zander, Benjamin

Zander, Benjamin. Benjamin Zander, Wikipedia entry.
Benjamin Zander official site.



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