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Flowers and Bird
Flowers and Bird
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Emperor in Yellow Kimono
in Yellow Kimono
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 Corn Poppy and Butterflies, 1702
Corn Poppy and
Butterflies, 1702
Yuanyu, Ma
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A Lady of Distinction in Her Habit of Ceremony, Plate 60 from "The Costume of China"
A Lady of Distinction
in Her Habit of
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The Emperor Mu Wang (circa 985-circa 907 BC) of the Chou Dynasty in His Chariot
The Emperor Mu Wang
(circa 985-circa 907 BC)
of the Chou Dynasty
in His Chariot
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Sorting the Cocoons, from a Book on the Silk Industry
Sorting the Cocoons,
from a Book on the Silk Industry
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Art in China (The People's Republic of China)

Chinese Artists, Art Museums and Galleries, The Arts in Beiijing

A Comprehensive list of Websites
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Art history Artists Buddhism
Beijing Contemporary artists Galleries
History Museums Shanghai


Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair (2009)
Almost 100 galleries, including artists from China and abroad.

Art history/The history of Chinese art

ArtLex on Chinese art.
Chronology of Periods in Chinese History

Buddhist Art from China

Images of temples and interiors, with descriptions.

Chinese and Japanese Art History WWW Virtual Library

China Culture
Extensive portal of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, includes: modern art, crafts, archeology, calligraphy, painting, literature, architecture ane events,

Ming Dynasty, Wikipedia entry.

The National Art Museum of China

Qing Dynasty, Wikipedia entry.

Tang Dynasty, Wikipedia entry.

Taoism and the Arts of China

Universes-in-Universe directory of Chinese art history websites.

Wikipedia entry on Chinese art.

World Heritage in China
Cities, cultural sites and landscapes of China, included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

World Heritage Preservation in China, a list of historical sites.

Artists: Portals and Directories

See also: Chinese Artists and Contemporary Chinese Artists
Artists of China
Contemporary Chinese artists.  Art Scene China

Artists directory.
Chinese artists directory: art shown in art museums.  Artcyclopedia

Asia-Art-Net. Chinese Brush Paintings and Artists

China Art Networks
Century Online China Art Network, a top art network in China.

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
New Chinese Art was established in 1999 as a centre for contemporary Chinese art.

Classic Chinese Paintings,
from Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties to the 20th Century.

Contemporary Chinese artists.

The National Art Museum of China

Visual arts - a systematic directory of annotated links to Chinese artist webpages.
Art Scene China
Contemporary art from China, a gallery with articles, screensavers and Chinese art links.




Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair (2009)
Almost 100 galleries, including artists from China and abroad.

Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art & Archaeology

Art galleries in Beijing. Universes-in-Universe

Beijing Art Museum

Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture

Beijing WenBo info.
Museums, palaces,exhibitions in Beijing.

The Beijing Page
A guide to research institutions, general information, Beijing attractions and Beijing museums.

The Forbidden City

Galleries in Beijing

798 Space
Art and culture space in an old factory in the Bauhaus style. Contemporary art exhibitions, culural events, commercial activities.

China Art Archives & Warehouse

Concentrates on experimental art from the People's Republic of China.

China Visual Arts Center (CVAC)

Galleries in New York and Beijing. Chinese contemporary artwork,

Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery: Beijing
Chinese Contemporary (based in London) opened in 2004 a gallery in Beijing in 2004.

CourtYard Gallery
Opened in 1996 directly across from the East Gate of the Forbidden City, in a traditional courtyard house that was once part of this imperial palace.

Front Line Contemporary
Exclusive focus on mainland Chinese artists.

Gallery Perif
Contemporary art gallery, presenting local and foreign artists.

Long March Space

Marella Gallery Beijing
Contemporary Chinese art gallery in the 798 Art Factory area.

Osage Gallery
Contemporary Asian art.

Peking Fine Arts
Contemporary artists from China.

Platform China
Art organization for promoting contemporary art in China and cultural exchange between Chinese and international artists. Gallery spaces, artists' residency studios, multi-media room and project space.

Red Gate Gallery
Founded in 1991 by Australian Brian Wallace. Presents works in diverse media by contemporary Chinese artists.

Soka Art Center / Contemporary Space
Established in 1992 in Tainan, Taiwan. Spaces in Taipei, since 2001 in Beijing.

A Thousand Plateaus
Art space for contemporary Chinese art with branches in Chengdu and Beijing.

Tokyo Gallery
Focus on contemporary Chinese, Japanese and Korean art.

Ullens Center for the Arts
Established by the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation in the Dashanzi Art District, Beijing.

Venue for exhibitions, research and communication related to contemporary visual arts, films, design, architecture and other aspects of visual culture in Beijing.

Wan Fung Art Gallery

The Palace Museum

Red Gate Gallery
Since 1991 Red Gate Gallery has been exhibiting work by outstanding contemporary Chinese artists.

Museums in Beijing

Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art & Archaeology
Opened in 1993 in the Peking University complex (near the Westgate). Archaeological findings from China (from 280,000 years ago until the 17th century), including bronze, jade and bone objects as well as pottery.

Beijing Art Museum
Established in 1985 in Wanshou Temple, with the aim of preserving, studying and exhibiting the Chinese cultural heritage.

Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

The China Millennium Monument
Symbolic and commemorative building complex to welcome the Year 2000, including museums, halls and spaces for exhibitions and events.

Minsheng Art Museum
Minsheng Art Museum is sponsored and funded by the China Minsheng Banking Corporation.

National Art Museum of China
Largest fine arts museum in China. Modern and folk art.

Palace Museum
Imperial palace (Gugong) of the Ming and Quing dynasties, built 1406-1421 on behalf of the 3rd Ming emperor, Yongle.

Ullens Center for the Arts
Exhibitions, screenings, performances, seminars; art library and educational program.

Buddhism in China

ArtLex on Buddhist Art and Buddhism

Buddhist Art of China

The Huntington Archive Homepage of Buddhist Art


Century Online
China Art Networks. News, artworks, exhibitions.

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art
New Chinese Art. A non-commercial exhibition of contemporary Chinese art. Paintings, prints, woodcuts, sculpture,photography, digital art.

China Academy of Art
The China Academy of Art is the most influential academy of fine arts with the most complete range of degree offerings and programs of study in China.

China Poetry International
Modern poetry from China.

Chinese art history links from the WWW Virtual library

Chinese Art Links
Online galleries of Chinese art, traditional and modern.

Chinese symbols,  tattoos, calligraphy,art & crafts.
Chinese character translation, kanji symbol tattoos, Chinese brush calligraphy scrolls & frames, zodiac chop making, dragon seal carvings, lion stamp engraving, custom paper-cuts, Chinese bottle gourd carvings and other crafts.

Confucius (K'ung-fu-tzu or Kongfuzi).
A summary and explanation of terms.

Confucius, The Analects

The Record of Rites speeches, full text of The Lun Yu. A multi-lingual site.
Contemporary Chinese artists.

The Cultural Revolution
Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution.

Contemporary Chinese artists

A database for contemporary Chinese artists.

Artists. Contemporary artists, a list from

Bibliography of Contemporary Chinese Art
Including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Diaspora. Stanford University

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art.
New Chinese Art. A non-commercial exhibition of contemporary Chinese art. Paintings,  prints, woodcuts, sculpture, photography, digital art.

Contemporary Chinese art/ Avant-garde Chinese art. ArtSceneChina.
An online gallery of contemporary art from China. Some of China's most well-established avant-garde, figurative and up-and-coming artists. Online gallery, exhibitions, articles, artist information, Chinese art web links.

Contemporary Chinese artists, a web listing of galleries in Beijing, London and New York.

Domus China
Contemporary Chinese art and design.

 A systematic directory of annotated links to Chinese artist webpages.

Venice Biennale, Chinese entries.

Vitamin Creative Space
Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, explores an alternative working mode specifically geared to the contemporary Chinese context. In order to operate independently from institutionalized funding. it is active both as an independent art space and as a 'commercial' gallery.

Famous Chinese artists

Du Xinjian
A contemporary Chinese artist who paints surrealist-style oil paintings. 

Zhang Cuiying (Xang Caixing). Traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings. A world tour.

Xiaodong, Liu. Liu Xiaodong,

Liu Xiaodong.

Xue Jiye,  painter and sculptor.

Fang Lijun. Artnet

Fang Lijun. Artfacts

Fei, Cao. Cao Fei' s website.

RMB City
RMB City is a virtual city at Second Life, developed by Beijing artist Cao Fei.

Cao Fei. A documentary at Art21

The World According to Cao Fei. Art Zine China

Wang Jing:
Modern Chinese Art. Colourful floral, animal and human figurative semi-abstract paintings.

Wang Guangyi. Wikipedia

Wang Guangyi. The Saatchi Gallery

Wang Guangyi. Christie's

ArtAsiaPacific: Reasoning With Idols

Wang Guangyi. Artnet

Wang Guangyi. Chinese Avantgarde

The Paintings of Wang Guangyi

Song Haizeng. Cheerful, figurative oil paintings.

Wu Meng Chun
Complete online portfolio of his self-portraits. Wu describes the influence of his Chinese Buddhist teachings on his paintings.

a Chinese artist, exhibits his paintings of figures, half-submerged or floating in the water. Art critique, biography and screensavers are also available.

Wei, Liu. Liu Wei

Weiwei, Ai. Ai Weiwei's official site.

Ai Weiwei's Twitter Microblogging Account

Weiwei, Ai. Ai Weiwei, Wikipedia entry.

Ai Weiwei.
Latest news and comment on Ai Weiwei from

Ai Weiwei. Lisson Gallery




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Qi Baishi
Huang Binhong

Zhang Ding
Du Xinjian

Zhang Cuiying


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