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James, Clive

Poems and articles on poetry at The Poetry Foundation website.
The Clive James website: articles, poems, videos and audio.
The Daily Telegraph: the Chive James weekly column: articles, reviews.
The Guardian/The Observer: articles and reviews by or about Clive James.
BBC audio and articles relating to Clive James.
The Poetry Archive: Poems on audio; Clive James introduces a few of his favourite poems in the Poetry Archive.
Wikipedia entry on Clive James.
Clive James on The Diana Princess of Wales (The New Yorker magazine).

James, Henry

James, Henry. Henry James. Scholar's Guide to the Web. E-texts of many James novels included. Articles by and about Henry James.
The Henry James Review
Henry James biography and works.
Henry James. An introduction.
Henry James Wikipedia entry.
Henry James.
Henry James. Online Calendar of Henry James's Letters and A Biographical Register of Henry James's Correspondents

Jarry, Alfred

Alfred Jarry. An introduction
Alfred Jarry texts. Project Gutenberg
Alfred Jarry. Wikipedia entry.
Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), an introduction.
Alfred Jarry: Absinthe, Bicycles and Merdre
Works by Alfred Jarry at Project Gutenberg.
Alfred Jarry, an introduction from Enotes.

Jonson, Ben

Jonson, Ben. Ben Johnson. Luminarium etexts.
Ben Jonson, Wikipedia entry.
Poems by Ben Jonson.
Works by Ben Jonson. Project Gutenberg

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, Samuel. The Doctor Johnson Page. Dr Johnson etexts and biography (Jack Lynch, Rutgers University).
Samuel Johnson, Wikipedia entry.
The Age of Johnson, a Scholarly Annual

Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum
Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
Lives Of The Poets
The Plan of an English Dictionary

Joyce, James

Joyce. Joyce. James Joyce Centre, Dublin. The Centre is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the life and works of James Joyce and aims to provide a unique, personal view of the man, his work and his minutely observed origins. 
Bloomsday Centenary. ReJoyce Dublin 2004. The official Rejoyce Dublin 2004 Bloomsday Centenary Festival web site.
Bloomsday International Joyce Symposium
Music in the Work of James Joyce
The James Joyce Scholars' Collection. University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
The Brazen Head. Information and resources on Joyce and his works, links to other Joyce sites, and miscellaneous Joycean tidbits.
Internet sites on James Joyce. The Open Directory Project
James Joyce, Wikipedia entry.
Dublin Tour Guide from Visit Dublin
The International James Joyce Foundation
Rosenbach Muuseum and Library, home of the Ulysses manuscript.
Zurich James Joyce Foundation. The Zurich James Joyce Foundation was established in 1985 with a view to keeping alive the memory and work of the Irish writer James Joyce for the literary world in general, and above all for Zurich, where he spent some important creative years and where he died.
Ulysses. An essay from The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia: Life and Works, Technique and Vision, Bibliography

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