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Russian Art
Russian Federation


 Painting Suprematism, 1915-16
Malevich, Kasimir
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Art in Russia, Russian Art Museums and Galleries, Famous Russian Artists

A Comprehensive List of the Best Russian Art Websites
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Architecture. The Art and Culture of Russia
The history of Russian art, 19th century Russian paintings, icons.

Russian architecture, Wikipedia entry.




AES+F Collaborative

AES+F Collaborative homepage, Moscow.
The Last Riot video at YouTube.


Bakst, Leon

Léon Bakst, Wikipedia entry.
Leon Bakst. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Leon Bakst Online

Benois, Aleksandr

Benois, Aleksandr. Aleksandr Benois Online
Alexandre Benois, Wikipedia entry.

Bulakov, Eric

Bulatov, Eric. Erik Bulatov, Wikipedia entry.
Erik Bulatov. Artnet


Chagall, Marc

Chagall, Marc. Marc Chagall. Wikipedia

Chernysheva, Olga

Chernysheva, Olga. Olga Chernysheva

de Stael, Nicholas

de Stael, Nicholas. Nicholas de Stael


El Lissitsky

El Lissitzky. Guggenheim Collection
El Lissitsky. Artchive Gallery
El Lissitzky Online
El Lissitzky. FAMSF

Goncharova, Natalia Sefgeevna

Goncharova, Natalia Sefgeevna. Natalia Goncharova
Natalia Goncharova. Guggenheim Collection.
Natalia Gonsharova. State Russian Museum.

Jawlensky, Alexi

Kabakov, Ilya

Kandinsky, Wassily

Malevich, Kasimir


Rodchenko, Alexander

Rublev, Andrei

Tatlin, Vladimir

Tchelitchew, Pavel

Tretykov, Sergei

Directories of Russian artists

Artcyclopedia Russian artists index.

List of famous Russian artists. Wikipedia

A Russian artists forum and internet listing service.

Art Russia
An online gallery of contemporary Russian art for sale.

An online encyclopaedia of Russian artists, movements and works of art

Russian Fine Art
Encyclopaedia of Russian artists: ancient Russian art, the XVIII century, first half of XIX century, second half of the XIX century, beginning of the ?? century.

Russian Art
An online catalogue of paintings by major Russian artists.

Wikipedia entry on Russian art and artists.


Art of Odessa
Fine art paintings for sale.

Avant-Garde movements in Russian art

Avant-garde art movements in Russia.
The history of Russia's art movements from the beginning of the 20th Century. Artist index, web links, webring.

The Russian Avant-Garde, Wikipedia entry.

The Tretykov Gallery


Russian Art
A blog from Lazare Gallery devoted to bringing Russian art lovers up to date news and information regarding important events occuring in the world of Russian 'realist' art.

A resource for news and information about Russian Realist art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with a focus on investing, collecting, ...

Collecting Russian Art
A resource for news and information about Russian Realist art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with a focus on investing, collecting,

Art Market Blog
Profiting from the Rush for Russian Art

Russian figurative painting.

RUSSIA! is an independent magazine devoted entirely to Russia-related topics, with strong reporting, cutting-edge Russian graphic design and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

See You In Moscow
Art Travel Blog



Contemporary Russian artists


Garry Tatintsian Gallery

Gisich Art Gallery

Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery

Kremlin Museums

Moscow artists at the Russian Art Gallery

Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Museums and galleries in Moscow.

Nashi Kournikova Gallery

RuArts fine art gallery.

Stella Art Foundation

Tretyakov Gallery Guelan.ru.

Contemporary art in Russia web portals, galleries, museums

Galleries, commercial galleries, visual arts, performing arts.

The Russian Art Gallery
Prominent contemporary Russian artists.

Artcyclopedia, a directory of Russian artists with works of art in museums.

Art-Volga Gallery
Original paintings by contemporary Russian artists for sale.

Contemporary artists in Russia.
An internet gallery and forum. Crtics, artists, news, art projects.

Contemporary art in Russia. A web portal.

Russian Art Gallery. Russian art for sale online.

Russian Dreams
An exhibition of contemporary Russian art at Bass Museum of Art, Miami.

Russian Paintings Gallery
Internet association of contemporary Russian artists. Paintings and sculptures for sale. New painters and paintings are added every week.

Russian artists.
An excellent gallery of major figurative Russian artists, from Olga's Gallery. Artists from the 1700's to the present listed alphabetically, from Ivan Aivazovsky to Kapiton Zelentsov.

St Petersburg museums and galleries.

Culture. Russian culture, Wikipedia entry.


Galleries and art museums in Russia

Galleries and Museums of Russia
A Russian web portal of Russian public and private galleries and museums.

Galleries and museums in Russia, with art historical web resources.
Witcombe Art History Links.

MacDougall Russian Art Auctions, London.
MacDougall Auctions is the only fine art auction house to specialise solely in Russian Art.

Moscow galleries and museums, a web guide, with latest news and exhibitions.

Major state museums

Moscow Kremlin

Museums and art galleries in Russia, a directory from The WWW Virtual Library.

The Museum of Russian Art
The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), a non-profit museum in North America dedicated solely to the preservation and presentation of Russian art.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

State Hermitage Museum

State Russian Museum

The Tretykov Gallery

A gallery offering both modern  and classical art, dealing in a line of pieces of art by artists, mostly from St.-Petersburg. These professional artists are highly-skilled graduates of educational institutions, such as the Academy of Fine Arts, High School for Arts and Design and other art colleges.

A major web gallery and critic's forum for contemporary Russian artists in all media.


Icons, iconography



Contemporary Russian Jewelery - a major web portal.

Jewellery and Jewelry Design from Moscow.
The, M+M Collection. ?Glasses - protection of real private space from loutishness, insolence and impatience.?Safe-boxes" - Objects for very tiny private magic, protecting ?Fetishes? of personal values from the encroaches of the outside.

Russian antique jewellery.
Russian objets d'art, Russian Imperial Style jewellery, Fabergé eggs.

Russian Jewellery Network

State Hermitage Museum jewellery collection, St Petersburg, Russia.

Journals, Russian newspapers

Moscow Times

Russia Journal Online
News from Russia in English.

St Petersburg Times

TASS. Russian News Agency.

The Kandinsky Prize
Russia's prize for top contemporary artists.

Kolodzei Art Foundation
Art from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Kosorukov, Valery. Valery Kosorukov

Kremlin. Museums of The Moscow Kremlin


Language. The Russian language, Wikipedia entry.






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