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Modern Architecture

Art Deco

Art History Websites, Blogs, Art Iconography, Catalogues

A Comprehensive List of Websites

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Art Nouveau, Art Deco Conceptualism
Impressionism Expressionism
Pre-Rhaphaelites Futurism
Romanticism Pop Art
Victorian art Post Modernism
Modernism Russian Art
Rococo Symbolism
Minimalism Surrealism
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Architecture Artists Art Periods
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Sculpture Conservation Provenance



Baroque Art

Baroque Art of the 17th Century
An extensive web directory of Baroque art resources, by Chris Witcombe.

Berenson, Bernard

I Tatti Renaissance Library
The I Tatti Renaissance Library aims to make available to a broad readership the most significant literary, historical, and philosophical works of the Italian Renaissance written in Latin.

The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance, with an index to their works.

The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance
Berger Foundation. World Art Treasures
100, 000 slides from the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation.


Thieme Becker
The German encyclopaedia of artist biographies in 37 volumes with the full title Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. The joint work contains ca. 250 000 biographies that were compiled with the help of 400 specialists world-wide including all contemporary leading art historians.

Blogs: art history

Alberti's Window: An Art History Blog

Art Blog by Bob

Art History Attacks
A blog for the history of art.

Art History Newsletter

Art History Salon



Medieval Illumination

n paradoxa
International feminist art journal exploring feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices. 

Van Gogh's Chair

When Art History Goes Bad

British Institute of Florence, Italy.
Courses in Italian and art history.

BUBL Art History internet webpage resources and web links.

Buddhist Art. The John C. and Susan L. Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
A Photographic Research and Teaching Archive.

Burkhardt, Jacob.  The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy. Full text.


Cataloguing, catalogues

Exhibition catalogues, from the website of the Association of Art Editors
This style guide is intended for authors of texts on art—any kind of text—and for editors of these texts and their publishers. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for authors and editors in the writing and redaction of manuscripts. Uniformity of usage is not the purpose of this guide. Rather, it aims to ensure uniformity of comprehension about the issues that authors and editors deal with.

The Burlington Magazine Index
Burlington Magazine Publications Ltd has created an Online Index, which aims to include the entire content of The Burlington Magazine from March 1903 until the present. The Burlington Magazine Online Index is free to use.

Royal Academy exhibition catalogues.
Browse the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition catalogues from their inception in 1870 through to 1913. Click on a thumbnail image to display a large image of the title-page. Use the Next & Previous buttons to browse through the catalogue. You can also enter search terms in the Search within the catalogue box to search for artists, titles and lenders within the catalogue.

Thieme Becker
The German encyclopaedia of artist biographies in 37 volumes with the full title Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. The joint work contains ca. 250 000 biographies that were compiled with the help of 400 specialists world-wide including all contemporary leading art historians.  The special relevance and strength of the Thieme-Becker-Vollmer lies in entries for less known and almost unknown artists not listed anywhere else; it lies also in the inclusion of architects, designers and other artisans working in applied art.

Christie's art auction e-catalogues. Browse online.

Sotheby's auction catalogues. Browse online.

A searchable database of art auction catalogues. JSTOR is collaborating with the Frick Collection and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a pilot project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to understand how auction catalogs can be best preserved for the long-term and made most easily accessible for scholarly use.

Getty Vocabularies. The Getty Research Institute
Compliant with international standards, they provide authoritative information for catalogers and researchers, and can be used to enhance access to databases and Web sites.

The Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)®
AAT is a structured vocabulary, including terms, descriptions, and other information for generic concepts related to art and architecture.

The Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)®
Titian or Tiziano Vecellio? ULAN is a structured vocabulary, including names, biographies, and other information about artists and architects.

Chinese and Japaanese art history.
Virtual Library Index.

Christ, depictions of

Links to internet sites with art depicting Christ's Passion.


See: The Conservation and Restoration Page
Conservation Online
Resources for conservation professionals. Topics,  writers, health, ethics, dictionaries, etc. Stanford University.

Canadian Conservation Institute
International resource links,techniques, materials, journals, schools, directories, etc.

Italian art restoration.
Istituto Centrale Peril  Restauro.
Council of Trent. Canons and Decrees
Online text.

Courtauld Institute of Art, London.
A major centre for the study of western art. One of the premier art historical institutes in the world


Curators, curatorship


Departments of Art History

Dictionaries of Art

The web's reference engine, a unique service providing free access to the  world's largest collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and quotations. Art history, British history, encyclopedias, dictionaries.

Oxford Dictionary of Art

Ecclesiastical art.
An entry from  The New Advent.

Ecole du Louvre:  Établissement d'enseignement supérieur :
cours d'histoire de l'art, d'archéologie, d'épigraphie et de muséologie; formation initiale et continue, recherche et publications.


The golden mean, golden ratio

Gombrich, Sir Ernest. The Gombrich Archive
Sir Ernst Gombrich, Wikipedia entry.
Grove Dictionary of Art
A reference source for thousands of images and scholarly articles (subscription only).



See Art Historians

Historians, art historians.
Biographical dictionary of art historians, art scholars, museum directors. From Duke University.

Pater, Walter. Walter Pater etexts.

Ruskin, John. John Ruskin extexts.


Iconography, symbols

See also: Icons, iconography Iconography entry:
meaning, Christian icongraphy, bibliography.

Byzantine iconography.
The Byzantine Icon Art Exhibit at the Christian Sanctuary Gallery.

Renaissance iconography
The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.
Symbols and background.
Rock art. A directory of web links.
Analysis of rock art. University of New England
Jewish signs and symbols.

Rosicrucian symbols.

Symbolism in art. ARAS.
The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism is a pictorial archive of mythological, spiritual, and symbolic images from all over the world and from all epochs of human history, Paleolithic to Modern. A collection of more than thirteen thousand images and scholarly materials.

The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database

Image searchers, image databases, online galleries

Getty Provenance Index Databases
Search archival documents, search sale catalogues.

Google image search.

Guildhall Library and Guildhall Gallery, London.
An art image database.

Wikimedia Commons
is a media repository that is created and maintained not by paid-for artists, but by volunteers. Its name "Wikimedia Commons" is derived from that of the umbrella project "Wikimedia" managing all Wikimedia projects and from the plural noun "commons" as its contents are shared by different language versions and different kinds of Wikimedia projects. Thus it provides a central repository for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts that are useful for any Wikimedia project.
Scholarly Internet Resources  Collection - The Visual and Performing Arts. Alphabetical index of academic/ scholarly visual and performing arts internet resources.

Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture
Ministero per i Benie le Attivita Culturali


Journals of art history

See: Art History Journals

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