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Kunst Zeitschriften/Revues d'art/Riviste d'arte/Revistas de Arte

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Aesthetica Magazine
A popular UK cultural arts magazine that features writing, art, music and film. It reports on the arts and publishes features, interviews, news, articles and reviews that stir the imagination around current themes.

A journal providing a forum for the quiet consideration of contemporary art practice. Focusing on the work of living individual artists or artist collectives, the journal presents thoughtful, in-depth analyses of work.

Alternative Press Center
An index of alternative magazines, journals, online resources. Alternative viewpoints from around the world. Searchable under subject, name, author.

Amnesia Vivace
Webzine trimestrale di critica dell'arte e della societa

Apollo magazine
A searchable archive of issues. For almost 80 years Apollo has published learned articles from acknowledged experts that cover all aspects of the fine and decorative arts. From ancient artefacts to 20th century paintings, the magazine encompasses all periods, civilisations and fine art forms.

An international journal of literature, arts and opinion.

Area Zinc
An online publication created with the purpose of promoting arts, putting together different artists in a quarterly magazine in order to promote their works and share them with the rest of the world.

Art - das Kunstmagazin
Art, das Kunstmagazin ( Website des Kunstmagazins art. Aktuelle News zu Themen aus den Rubriken Kunst, Architektur, Design, Kunstmarkt und Kunstszene. Archivsuche, Ausstellungssuche und Videoinhalte.
A German Art Magazine. Kunstmagazin. News zu kunst.

Art and Archaeology Magazine,
from Kulturekiosque.

Art Action Anamnèse
Histoire et théorie de l'art contemporain. La revue accueille les textes des artistes qui soumettent leur propre pratique artistique à des analyses et à des procédures interrogatives et descriuptive. An international electronic journal on the history and theory of contemporary art, intended for the publication of theoretical analyses by artists. Edited by Jozef Bury.

Art in America
Interviews from the worlds of fashion, film, music, and art. Videos and late-breaking cultural news.

Art+Auction is a monthly art magazine published in New York City. It includes special features & art news stories, art & collector profiles, reviews & auction reports, art market trends and art transaction prices.

Art & Australia
In its various incarnations, Art & Australia has enjoyed a long and rich history as Australia's premier art journal.

Art Bin
A quarterly journal. Art and artists, gallery, articles by and about artists, author sound files. From Sweden (in Swedish and English).

A forum for criticism and ideas in the visual arts. Based in New York City, it welcomes contributions from around the world. Founded in 1999 as an off-shoot of the personalwebsite of art critic and curator David Cohen, artcritical now publishes regular columns by a variety of critics, and welcomes ideas and proposals from both established and emerging writers.

Art shows by day, a newletter and magazine. Galleries, museums, auctions.

Magazine di Arte Contemporanea e Derivati. Italia. Eventi, artisti.

Artension Magazine

A major international contemporary art journal.

Artforum Berlin

Arte y Party
Revista de Arte

Artibus et Historiaeh
A semi-annual journal of art historical research.

Art Interview Online Magazine
brings subscribers exclusive interviews with the world's top artists, curators and art dealers. They ask them the questions you really want the answers to. In addition each artist discusses their vision, goals and techniques.

Artist Advocate
Artist Advocate Magazine is a showcase to connect artists with art galleries. Each issue of the magazine is mailed to the premium art galleries. Artist Advocate is designed to help art galleries with ideas for running their business and to expose them to artists seeking new or additional gallery representation. Published quarterly (four issues annually) the magazine features "how to" articles on gallery management, operations and marketing.

Artist Daily
Artist Daily is a community of visual artists who share inspiration, ideas, and all parts of the art process. The site includes instruction from professional artists and instructors in their free eBooks.

Artist Portfolio Magazine
Artist Portfolio Magazine is an online art magazine that contains the art of emerging and established artists from around the world.

Art Knowledge News
An online news magazine is published free to subscribers worldwide and sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation. AKN brings to its readers unbiased information and news about art, the art world, museums, artists, exhibitions, articles reprinted from renowned art publications, art resources, features, photos, commentary, and art information.

Art Leaks
ArtLeaks is collective platform initiated by an international group of artists, curators, art historians and intellectuals in response to the abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labor rights.

Art Margins
Contemporary Central and Eastern European Visual Culture. A cyber forum.

ArtNet Magazine
Auction news, artists, reviews.

The Art Newspaper
The Art Newspaper is published in a newspaper, rather than a magazine, format. It caters particularly for the art professional, and, although it is sold in major outlets, it is not extensively distributed in smaller shops.

Art Nexus,
a leading magazine on Latin American art for 25 years, offers new resources via the ArtNexus E-Mail Newsletter, including articles, reviews, art event information, images and information from leading galleries, and interesting and unusual art stories. All content is available in English and Spanish.

Art Now

Art Papers Online 
70s, 80s, 90s and 20s. Contemporary art criticism, reviews.

Art Review
Read about contemporary artists & photography. ArtReview features the latest exhibitions and artists.

ArtsBeat Blog, New York Times.
Magazine of contemporary arts, Chicago.

Arts and Humanities Data Service
Enabling digital resources for the arts and humanities.

The Arts Journal
Daily arts news from more than 200 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.

The Arts Kitchen
An arts webzine/online newsletter providing art news in The Middle East.

Online communication for the arts

Art Throb
Art ezine. Contemporary art in South Africa.

Art Times Journal
A literary journal and resource for all of the arts, crossing geographical barriers, counties and states. Based in the Hudson Valley Region and the Metropolitan New York area.

Art US

Artyfacts is an online arts magazine, with news of art exhibitions, events and movies currently in London. In-depth background features back our material.

Australian Art Review
A quarterly magazine and website based in Sydney, featuring a mixture of exhibition reviews, artist and gallery profiles, with articles by art critics and scholars.



See: Art Blogs

Find interviews with artists, writers, musicians, directors and actors.


Central Europe Review (Transitions Online)
A weekly Internet journal of Central and East European politics, society and culture, produced in association with the Central and East European New Media Initiative.

Art Contemporain magazine. Architecture, modernity, context.

An arts magazine from Ireland.

C Magazine
C Magazine is an international art quarterly devoted to promoting critical discussion about contemporary art through in-depth essays and art criticism, interviews, artist projects and reviews. Based in Toronto, with contributors from around the world, C keeps contemporary art professionals and enthusiasts informed of significant ideas and trends in art and culture.

Control Magazine
Control Magazine acts as a vehicle for proposals and explanations of art practice between artists seeking to create a meaningful engagement with contemporary society. Published and edited by Stephen Willats.

Magazin für Zeitgeschehen und Kultur.

Critical Inquiry, Chicago University Press.
A leading academic arts and humanities journal.

Theory, technology, culture. An international journal of theory, technology and culture.

Culture Kiosque
Europe's cultural news site. News, features, criticism and interviews about art exhibitions, concerts, opera stars, jazz, dance. In English, French and/or German. Editorial staff is composed of international journalists and critics from major dailies and specialist publications in Europe and the U.S.


Daily Arts Journal
A daily digest of arts and cultural journalism. Arts people, issues, media.

The Daily Telegraph, London.
Arts and culture section.

Dazed Digital (Dazed and Confused)

Digital Souls
New media art, philosophy, culture.

Diogene Magazine
Philsofare oggi. Diogene si occupa con particolare riguardo di arte contemporanea. Ha pubblicato lavori e interviste a Yue Minjun, Dave McKean, Luigi Serafini, Marco Grassi, Carla Iacono, Silvia Levenson, Matteo Basilè, Massimiliano Zaffino, Hidetoshi Nagasawa...


D&D Diseño y Decoracion Argentina
Up-to-date news and articles on interior design, architecture and arts from Argentina and others in the region. 

Dolls United Interactive Magazine
A multi-media doll magazine for art doll makers, artists, and enthusiasts.

An independent arts and culture journal out of New York, whose concept is to bring together creative writing, photography, fashion and art.

News, videos, photographs and articles related to the worlds of art, design and architecture. In Italian and English. Domus con ENEA invita gli architetti a mandare progetti di piccola o grande scala, realizzati e non che si siano misurati con il tema della sostenibilità.



Eastern Art Report
An international magazine focused on the visual arts of Asia and Africa and the visual arts practiced by the people of Asian and African origin in North America, Europe and elsewhere.

An arts ezine. Events, poetry, wonder.


Fine Art Connoisseur
A premier magazine for informed collectors.

The Flaneur
The Flaneur is an indie arts and culture journal that brings reviews and articles from around the world to its readers. It also publishes short fiction and poetry. As well as a website it publishes a paper journal.

Flash Art
Flash Art is a bimonthly magazine focusing on contemporary art. It was founded in Rome in 1967 by Italian publisher and art critic Giancarlo Politi.

Frieze magazine was set up in 1991 and is a leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. Frieze is published in Britian eight times a year.

French art journals and blogs  Actualité et médias

Agenda mensuel international des galeries d'art et musées. Possibilité de consulter en ligne une partie des publications, formulaire d'inscription.

Agenda Culturel
Portail d'actualité culturelle par département. Concerts, théâtre, danse, expositions.

Art Point France
Cette revue en ligne d'actualité de l'art présente également des portfolios d'artistes et un agenda des manifestation.
Ce portail d'informations s'adresse aux professionnels de l'art contemporain.

Area revue(s)
Présentation de la revue trimestrielle d'art contemporain Area revue(s). Galerie photos.

Art Aujourdhui
Actualité de l'art : événements, expositions, musées et salons. Répertoire d'artistes.

ArtCatalyse, les artistes et l'environnement
Centre de ressources exhaustif sur les artistes travaillant en relation avec l'environnement.
Actualité de l'art contemporain : reportages, interviews, annuaires d'artistes, de galeries et musées, agenda des salons.

ArtCult - Le journal du marché de l'art
Actualités, analyses, prévisions, dossiers sur le marché de l'art.

Liste des conférences et colloques liés à l'art à travers la France, dont certains diffusés sur des webradios. Permet d'annoncer gratuitement des conférences et propose quelques articles et affiches.

Revue bimensuelle d'actualité culturelle, politique et scientifique.

Axé libr
Magazine transdisciplinaire des arts et des cultures. Chroniques et actualité, agenda, forum, annonces.

Le Brouillon
Webzine culturel, diffuse des oeuvres des internautes.

Magazine culturel consacré à la musique, au cinéma, au jeu vidéo et à la littérature.

Critical Secret
Revue critique pluridisciplinaire et multimédia dont chaque parution aborde une thématique avec une mise en scène inattendue.

Magazine de référence du graphisme et du design en France.

Plate-forme d'information dédiée au spectacle vivant (une initiative de la revue Cassandre).

Le Journal des Arts

La critique
Revue critique d'art contemporain.

Portail sur les arts graphiques et visuels: annuaire, galerie et magazine.

La revue du département Arts plastiques de l'Université Paris 8 publie des articles de jeunes chercheurs dans les différents champs de la création et de la pensée contemporaines. Les anciens numéros sont disponibles au téléchargement.

Metronome Press
Metronome is an artists’ and writers’ organ that is both a collective artwork and a research methodology. Metronome Press is a Paris-based production and publishing collective founded in 2005 as a result of the collaboration between Clémentine Deliss and Thomas Boutoux.

Le Monde des arts
Actualité des arts à Paris, en Province et dans les grandes villes du Monde.

Propose un agenda et une base de donnée des artistes et galeries de l'art contemporain, mis à jour par l'équipe interne ou directement par les galeries.

La Paddythèque
Blog d'actualité de l'art contemporain à Paris.

Revue critique d'art contemporain.

Portail artistique et culturel, espace de communication et de présentation dédié aux artistes et organismes culturels, publication d'actualités, dossiers, portraits, revue de presse et annuaire de sites.

Blog. Chronique de l'actualité culturelle en Ile-de-France.

Toiletpaper Magazine

Tribeca 75 TV
Reportages vidéo sur la culture à Paris : art contemporain, mode, musique.

Zatapathique illustré
E-zine culturel indépendant. Musiques, cinéma, bandes dessinées et médias.

Future Academy Voice Forum
Voiceforum is an oral newspaper with a speech-led feedback system. It is designed by Future Academy Studiolab as a rapidly modifiable research journal disseminating knowledge and thought between artists and scientists. Click on any of the links below to hear sample lectures or click the link above to create a new clip.


Gems in Israel
Focuses on sculpture, art and crafts. Environmental sculptures, Jewish Italian art, reviving the art of Jewish papercuts and a twice weekly art & craft fair.

Genders Online
Presenting innovative theories in art, literature, history, film and music.

The Georgia Review
One of America's premier journals of arts and letters.

German art journals   Zeitschriften und Online-Magazine

Art - das Kunstmagazin
Website des Kunstmagazins art. Aktuelle News zu Themen aus den Rubriken Kunst, Architektur, Design, Kunstmarkt und Kunstszene. Archivsuche, Ausstellungssuche und Videoinhalte.

art in berlin
Magazin zu Kunst und Kunstmarkt aus der Hauptstadt.

artist window
Präsentation des Kunstkatalogs. Mit Informationen für Galeristen und Künstler zur Veröffentlichung ihrer Werke, einer Online-Galerie zeitgenössischer Kunst und Links.

Atelier: Die Fachzeitschrift für bildende Künstler
Aktuelle Ausschreibungen von Kunstpreisen, Stipendien, Wettbewerben, Ausstellungsmöglichkeiten, berufsbezogene Tipps, Informationen und Kontakte.

Berlin Art Link is the city’s go-to site for gallery openings, exhibition reviews, interviews and artist studio visits. Updated daily by a distinguished and international roster of photographers, artists, critics, curators, and journalists, they continuously engage with the city’s dynamic contemporary art scene.

Kulturmagazin mit Schwerpunkt bildende Kunst und Fotografie.

eocus navigARTor
Magazin und Online-Forum für "Jugend, Kunst & Kult" mit den Bereichen Musik, Fotografie, Malerei und Skulptur.

Kunst & Stil
Redaktioneller Querschnitt durch die aktuelle Kunst und Gegenwartskultur mit Linklisten zu Museen und kulturellen Events.

Kunstbulletin online
Online-Ausgabe des Schweizer Kunstmagazins 'Das Kunst-Bulletin'.

Kritische Texte und Bilder zur Geschichte der Kunst
Magazin für Kunst und Kunstmarkt im deutschsprachigen Raum mit Nachrichten, Ausstellungs-, Messe- und Auktionsberichten, Porträts, Analysen und Buchbesprechungen sowie einem Galerie-Portal.

L'art pour l'art
E-zine und Webguide für Kunst und Kultur mit Kulturnews, wechselnden Online-Ausstellungen, Foren, ausgesuchten Links zu kulturellen Highlights im Netz.

Palette & Zeichenstift - Zeitschrift für Künstler
Zeitschrift für Malen und Zeichnen mit den Schwerpunkten Aquarell, Technik, Ausstellungen, Malen und Reisen sowie aktuellen Nachrichten.

Das redaktionelle Forschungsprojekt als eZine vertritt Thesen und Texte zu Kunst und Medien.

Springerin - Hefte für Gegenwartskunst
Magazin zur Kritik und Theorie der Gegenwartskultur; informiert über aktuelle Ereignisse und Tendenzen im Kulturbetrieb und beschreibt deren Bedingungen und Bedeutungen.

Global Museum
A museums ezine specialising in online communication and services for the not-for-profit and profit sectors.

Grab Magazine
GRAB Magazine is a tri-monthly free magazine about contemporary subjects: pop and street art, fashion, influential artists and movements, graphic and motion design, illustration, photography, music, shops, art galleries, sneakers, magazines.

Grand Street
Contemporary art.

The Guardian, U.K.


Hidden Room
They search the web for interesting and educational news and artworks that they later review while at the same time paying special attention to referencing other websites related to their article content.

Hunter and Cook
Hunter and Cook is a Toronto-based art and culture magazine.

Huffington Post, the art section.
Day-to-day commentary on the visual and performing arts.

Technology, cyber music, cyber TV, cyber texts.


A Journal of the Arts and Religion Image explores the relationship between Judeo-Christian faith and art through contemporary fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, and dance.

International Gallerie
was conceived by one person's simple, single-minded belief in the rich, diversity of the world's cultures and the powerful universality of ideas. What began as an arts and literary journal that focussed on creative excellence worldwide, soon evolved into a socio-cultural forum on global issues - stringing art, music, theatre, cinema, poetry and travel into a cohesive theme.

Interview Magazine
Music, art, galleries, culture, film and fashion. The New York-based arts magazine.

Italian art journals and magazines   Notizie e Media

Alter Arte
Spazio dedicato alla realtà artistica sarda, con informazioni sugli artisti, le mostre, gli eventi, i musei, le associazioni culturali, le riviste e tutto ciò che riguarda l'arte contemporanea.

Offre notizie e aggiornamenti su multimedia, flash, elettronica e link a siti che trattano di argomenti correlati.

Argomenti storia dell'arte
Presenta articoli ed approfondimenti su opere appartenenti a diversi generi artistici.

Banca dati di informazioni su borse di studio, concorsi e premi, corsi e stage, finanziamenti e servizi per l'arte.

Arte e percezione
Opere, studi e note sulle arti visive. Le opere sono presentate a titolo gratuito.

Notizie e informazioni sul mondo dell'arte: concorsi, borse di studio, saloni, consigli e assistenza per artisti. Inoltre, annunci, corsi e novità.

Portale italiano dell'arte contemporanea. Informazioni sul mondo dell'arte, aste online, chat, forum a tema.

E' una rassegna d'arte contemporanea italiana, fornisce informazioni aggiornate sulle mostre in corso, gli eventi, gli artisti, i critici e le gallerie d'arte, le associazioni culturali, i musei, le fondazioni.

Presenta notizie, eventi, artisti ed espressioni emergenti.

Asistema in-Assenza
Dedicato all'assenza: una rete astratta e a-complessa alla base di un nuovo sapere, un intero universo bucato nel mezzo.

Correre nel verde: Arte
Raccoglie i comunicati stampa del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, offre informazioni su case d'asta, eventi culturali e l'arte in Italia in generale.

Versione elettronica del periodico cartaceo, mette a disposizione un elenco di eventi del settore e informa su abbonamenti alla rivista.

Archivi di articoli, immagini ed informazioni su artisti, esposizioni, tecniche relative alla fotografia, all'architettura ed all'arte in genere.

Il Giornale dell'Arte
Il Giornale dell'Arte seleziona il meglio che l'arte ogni mese ci offre in tutto il mondo, per rendere più bella la nostra vita.

In mostra
Segnala le più importanti mostre d'arte in Italia e ne ospita alcune online.
Presenta la rivista telematica con news e articoli divisi in rubriche ed argomenti.

Presenta articoli su teatro, musica, cinema, libri e strisce. Inoltre contiene una breve biografia di alcuni autori di fumetti e i loro personaggi più famosi.

Portale con tre sezioni: libri, musica e film. Promuove l'adesione ad alcuni club editoriali. Nel sito newsletter, recensioni ed interviste.

Offre risultati aggiornati dalle principali aste mondiali relative alle incisioni, litografie, fotografie dipinti e sculture dei maggiori artisti internazionali.

Quotidiano di arte dei nuovi media (new media art), musica elettronica e hacktivism. Stampato come rivista ogni quattro mesi.

Versione online del periodico cartaceo che si occupa di narrativa, poesia, fumetto, pittura, fotografia e musica. Interviste, possibilità di abbonamento, una sezione dedicata agli artisti emergenti.

Scienti Interagenti
Circolo web intellettuale che rende protagonisti del rilancio del dibattito culturale su poesia, narrativa, pittura, musica, storia, architettura, gastronomia, enologia e viaggi.

Approfondimenti critici, notizie storiche, informazioni, ricerche in vari campi artistici: arti figurative, cinema, letteratura, musica.


Janus Head
An interdisiplinary journal devoted to maintaining an attitude of respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience.

Journal of Artistic Research (JAR)
An online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research. The Journal is underpinned by the Research Catalogue (RC) a searchable, documentary database of artistic research.

Juxtapoz Magazine
Online version of the leading monthly contemporary and underground art bible.

Journal of Contemporary Art

Journals of art, theory, literature, criticism. A webpage index.

Online version of the pop art magazine.


Articles on art, film, literature, music, with news and articles especially related to France,India, Nigeria, Eritrea, India, Northern Ireland, Pakistan,Tibet, United States.

Kunst und Buecher
Reviews of international art catalogues, cultural theory-publications, architecture and graphic design, artists projects. Startseite Kunst-Magazin - fine art magazine.
Galerien Kunst-Auktionshäuser Kunsthändler Kunstberatung mit täglich aktuellen Meldungen Objekten Bilder Kunstwerken.


Journal of International Society of Arts, Sciences and Technology.

Lucid Café
Serving Coffee, Art, History and Literature Lovers on the World-Wide-Web Since 1995.


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